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Articles of Good Governance:



Written without solicitation, to free the people of the world.


To free the people of The United States of America from the tyranny of a racist, sexist, elitist past, it is necessary to write these Articles of Good Governance as an Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America; and, to rewrite The Declaration of Independence, to give all individuals equal rights under the law, formerly only given to white male landowners, of whom there are few today in relation to the populace as a whole.

The most important part of, The Declaration of Independence, is this famous passage from the second paragraph, which should in fact read: [1]

 “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men People are created equal, regardless of age, gender, religion, race, culture, ethnic background, disability, veteran status, class, wealth, country of citizenship, national origin, immigrant status, or any other identifier of personhood.[2] That they All people are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men People, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

To uphold these timeless principals, and to form a more just and perfect union, these Articles of Good Governance have been crafted and are given freely to the world. They are presented with the hope that these words may advance the causes of freedom, justice, liberty, and equality in the United States of America. Upon their success, let them be used as a model around the world, to build better governments, and societies that are more just and free.


In times of great peril, or corruption, it is necessary to make abrupt and drastic changes. When the systems of governance and economic vehicles entrenched in the functioning of society, no longer serve the needs of the people, but instead are geared toward the enrichment of a few at the enslavement and servitude of the majority of the population. When the systems responsible for sustaining economic progress are incapable of adjusting the modes and means of production, so as to not destroy the planet or enslave the people, it is necessary to change the way in which our country is governed. With the hopes that it may become a beacon of freedom and an example of leadership, to the world, once again.

We, who find ourselves alive at this unique moment in history, have a responsibility to each other, and to the survival of future generations on this planet. If we continue down our current course of governance and commerce, the Earth is likely to become uninhabitable for humans, and we may well cause our own extinction. So, for the survival of the human race, it is necessary that these Articles of Good Governance be used as a model for changes in governance.

This document secures the rights of every individual. It lays out the reasonable scope of governmental structures to be controlled by those individuals. It lays a foundation for the rights of individuals to be protected against governments, corporations, and other individuals, so as to ensure a more peaceful, tranquil, and hopeful future for the human race.


These Articles of Good Governance are necessary:

·         Because innocent citizens have been murdered in the streets by “officers” of the system that was supposed to serve and protect them.

·         Because the institutions of government are based in racism, classism, and elitism.

·         Because the current systems of governance in The United States of America still exhibit the bias and injustice of a racist, classist, sexist, homophobic, elitist past.

·         Because the racism, and other inherent biases, of these systems are still responsible for deaths and wrongful imprisonment of countless people of color, or lesser means, across this nation, to this very day.

·         Because racism, classism, and elitism must be eradicated from our society, and all laws must apply equally to all people, if we are ever to live in a truly free and just society.

·         Because the right of the people to redress their government for grievances has been infringed upon.

·         Because the free press around the world is no longer free; but co-opted by powerful corporate forces that have a vested interest in using television news networks, and media outlets of all sorts, to hide the truth, or only divulge the part of the truth which fits their corporate agenda; becoming mouthpieces of discrimination, disinformation, and state propaganda.

·         Because much of this propaganda is disguised as corporate marketing, undermining the fair and balanced reporting which is necessary to maintain a functioning Democracy or Republic.

·         Because there is a “corporate conspiracy,” to control the halls of Government; using their "citizenship" to manipulate the laws and regulations of the country to benefit corporate interests, often at the peril of individual citizens. (See Supreme Court case, “Citizens United.”[3])

·         Because the corporations of the world are run by moneyed interests who care only for profit to themselves, and not for the loss they cause to others in the society which allows them to operate, and they have controlled the world's commerce, trade, and governance for several centuries.[4]

·         Because business, commerce, and markets, control the hands of government, making the apparatus of governance serve only the needs and concerns of corporate interests, and super-wealthy individuals, while neglecting the rights of the majority.

·         Because government does not serve the people, but only an elite class who are above the law and immune from prosecution for their crimes.

·         Because the United States of America, of which I am a citizen, has forgone the democratic ideas and ideals set forth in The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and The Constitution of the United States of America; and the systems of governance have been perverted to serve an elite ruling class, rather than the common good of the people; it is necessary to secure the rights and privileges of all people, so that the government can no longer oppress or subjugate its own people, or other innocent peoples, without threat of removal and prosecution under international criminal law.


It is time that every government had principles laid before it, to follow a set of rules, and implement laws, to secure, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” for every individual. These “inalienable rights,” shall not be infringed upon by government entities, corporate entities, or other individuals regardless of social status.

All Government officials, including the President, staff, government officials, military personnel, or private entities who take part in the violation of human rights are subject to arrest and proper and just punishment and recompense in payment for their crimes, either against a foreign enemy or their own people.[5] No one is above the law. No one is above justice. No longer will the Presidents, dictators, CEO's, Judges, and Legislators of this world be allowed to go free for murders, wars, and atrocities they commit in the name of "fighting terror," or keeping the “world safe,” or “expanding foreign borders,” or “securing private contracts,” or “securing natural resources,” or “securing corporate rights,” or any other excuse used to violate human rights or planetary rights.


These Articles of Good Governance are here to be a guideline to the moral code which is right for all mankind, regardless of creed, class, station, or belief. We are all one. We must cherish our shared humanity and embrace our differences. We must treat each other as equals. Even if we disagree, or do not understand each other, we must be able to recognize the interconnectivity of our common humanity and the responsibility that gives to each of us, and every other person, and being, on the planet. Indeed, because of the state of our planet and our society, it is this generation’s responsibility to protect the planet we live on by working toward common goods, with respect for our collective humanity. We have a duty to uphold the right to life for all people and all beings of intelligence, even the planet, that it should be treated kindly and made to help thrive, by every individual, reflected in every mechanism and every system of society. 

As Dr. Martin Luther King so eloquently stated in his, Letter from a Birmingham Jail, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."[6]

To ensure justice and peace, these ideals must be applied to all Americans, immediately. There is no more time for waiting. Now is the time for justice. This era of corporate greed, and governance by the rich and powerful, must come to an end. It does not meet the needs of the populace of this planet. For far too long the “elites” of this planet have prospered at the expense of the rest of society.  

It is time for a new era of justice and equality. This is the society, the culture, the health, the security, and the representation, every man, woman, and child on this earth deserves. 

If allowed to continue unchecked, this corporate and governmental rule by rich and powerful interests will destroy the planet and kill us all. It is a bitter lie that we will have time to deal with these problems in the future. It is obvious to anyone who sees how this world is being run into the ground, that we must act now or face cataclysmic changes. This is no longer science-fiction, but a horrifying reality being ignored, and perpetuated, by the government, many corporations, and wealthy individuals in the private sector, in a global economy that never sleeps. 

Scientific data indicates we must act now or face cataclysmic consequences in the future.[7]

If we were to leave this planet in the hands of those who now have the power over money and governments, this world would continue down the path of inevitable destruction. As it is necessary to change course, against the will of the major sources of funding and money controlling corporate, banking, governmental, and totalitarian interests, it is hereby proposed that these Articles of Good Governance be applied as an Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America, and be upheld by all courts in the U.S.A. When they are found to be effective, may they be adopted by all governments, for all people, regardless of birthplace, nationality, country of origin, or any other identifier of personhood.[8]

Because of the injustice and inequality that currently exists here in America, and around the world, and the human-rights abuses occurring in protests all across America,[9] it is important that these Articles of Good Governance be made available to the world immediately, so as to better affect the whole world's happiness and safety, and guide humanity toward a brighter future. 



Articles of Good Governance

1.      Freedom of Speech—Freedom of the press. Freedom of information. Freedom from unreasonable search, seizure, or surveillance because of speech, or perceived speech. This includes the electronic data gathering and surveillance being used against peaceful American citizens. Checks on the Security State, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, private contractors, etc. With an exception for violent hate speech, which will be disallowed.[10] The government must not be allowed to censor or criticize speech that is critical of it or any of its parts, or to inhibit in any way the valid and legitimate claims of its citizens for redress of their grievances. Every person, regardless of race or gender or any other aforementioned reason, has the right to be critical of the government, its policies, procedures, actions, or laws. Indeed, it is the duty of the people to hold the government accountable to the highest possible moral and ethical standards, with unity, justice, equality, and compassion for all. So as to be an example to the world of good governance and the fair and equitable treatment of all people. The goal of all governance should be peace and harmony. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy, “Government secrecy is repugnant to a free and open society,” as is digital intrusion into people’s individual private lives, by governments and corporations. Free speech rights must extend to our digital lives and protect individual rights of free speech and intellectual property, online just as in the physical world.


2.      Freedom of Representation— The United States of America will no longer be a Republic, but a Representative Democracy. To institute the necessary changes to the structure of governmental representation, we must:

a.       Eliminate, or reform the electoral college, and the process used to count and cast Presidential Votes. A system which gave each candidate the corresponding percentage of electoral votes, to the percentage of the popular vote would be far fairer than the current system. But ultimately, the electoral college should be eliminated completely in favor of the popular vote.

b.      Triple the number of Representatives in Congress and the Senate—making each representative of the votes for a particular office for a particular party, group, or individual, for the particular district or office being voted upon.

c.       Split the Office of the Presidency into three heads of state, with the titles of President 1, President 2, and President 3. These Presidents shall be decided by the percentage of the vote for the top three candidates. The three presidents shall share equal power, regardless of the percentage of votes cast in their election. For any action to be taken, pass any bill, or sign any executive order, two Presidents must agree.

d.      Decide votes by a 2/3 majority in every district in the Senate and House in order to make any new law, pass any bill, or do any business. All laws will be written, "for the good of The People," and Corporations will no longer be allowed to participate in the political process. “Lobbying” of political figures, will henceforth be considered bribery, and be made illegal, punishable by fines and jail time.

e.       Disallow all money from all elections. All elections will be paid for by the people, with every candidate, for every office allowed the same airtime, speaking engagements and debate time. Politics is for people, not for corporate interests. Corporate money funneled into politics will be cause for the removal of corporate charter, the dissolution of all corporate assets, and the arrest, imprisonment, prosecution, and personal fines to all individuals responsible for the funneling of such illegal monies into Political Campaigns or for “Political Favors.” The public deserves to see all of their options equally without private money controlling the interests, information, and forms of public debate.

f.        Administer all debates by a neutral government agency, "The Office of Elections" (OOE), which is created to facilitate a fair and open election process for all candidates. The OOE will facilitate all candidate debates, advertisements, and the entire election process from registering to vote, or run as a candidate, to the final counting of votes, the swearing in of elected officials and the auditing and policing of elections, election materials, and elected officials.[11]

g.      Prohibit the donation of any funds to a political candidate, making it illegal to use bribery or blackmail as a means of coercion.[12] Money in politics means only one thing—corruption. Money will be taken out of politics all together. There will be no more private money in politics; no more lobbying, bribery, blackmail, or gifts.

h.      Establish Representatives to represent the people of each and every district, and uphold the high moral standards of this doctrine, for the good of their communities, their constituents, and the country, to serve a more just and peaceful society. This will lead us, and future generations, into a prosperous, equitable, and brighter future. 

i.        Establish security in the voting process. All politics must be based on popular support, through signatures. There must be no electronics allowed in the voting of representatives.[13] It shall be illegal to pay someone, either in money or in gifts, for their vote or their endorsement of a candidate.


3.      Freedom from Torture or Unjust Incarceration— All prisons and incarceration facilities must be public institutions, governed by the same human rights principles which this doctrine establishes for all people. All private prisons must be switched over to public prisons. The 13th Amendment must be amended, so as to no longer allow slavery, “as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” The for-profit private prison industry is legalized slave labor, unfairly benefitting private companies at the cost of the communities they are meant to serve and the prisoners they are meant to reform. 

The private prison industry in America and around the world has become a barbaric nightmare for the incarcerated, their families, and the societies that absorb backlash of their human rights abuses, lack of rehabilitation capabilities, and the repeat offenders that can't find a way to break the cycle of criminality. Prisons must be primarily a place of recompense and rehabilitation, not punishment and torture. Both physical and mental torture are unacceptable from any institution, government, person or group, public or private entity.


4.      Freedom to Immigrate/ Emigrate— All people should have the right to cross borders freely. Human rights are paramount to national rights. No person, group, nation, or government, should have the legal right to violate a person's human rights, or to keep them from freely passing from one country to another, unless in the process of apprehending that person, group, or entity for questioning in the investigation of a crime. 

All people should have the freedom to be naturalized into the country of their choosing. No person should be considered illegal. This is paramount to the foundation of a free and open society. When one person is treated as less-than-human, we are all less-than-human.


5.      Freedom of Education— All people should have access to free education of the highest level. The internet makes almost all knowledge available to all people. Access to the resources, methods, and authority of the world’s greatest educators in all fields must be secured and available to all people. The government should pay for the education of all of its citizens, from elementary school through college, and secondary education. This will ensure an educated citizenry and form a strong foundation for free democratic societies. 


6.      Freedom of the Judiciary— Equality under the law. All people deserve the same treatment under the law, regardless of station or wealth. Unfortunately, the "law" in nearly all countries is still run completely by money. Wealthy individuals and corporations who can afford high priced lawyers receive far more "justice," or rulings in their favor, simply by having enough money to make the system work for them. The system must uphold the same standard of justice for all participants regardless of wealth, class, or station.


7.      Freedom of security— All people will be treated equally by law enforcement. Police will no longer be allowed to aggressively “profile,” people, by race, class, gender, or any other classification or personal identifier. Racism in all of its forms will be grounds for removal from law enforcement, and just criminal punishment. All people have a reasonable right to be secure in their property, person, and station, without the unjust, unruly, or unlawful removal of their rights by any entity, person, or group, including government or law enforcement. Law enforcement officials who violate the rights of others in the course of their law enforcement duties, will be held fully accountable for their crimes. Because they are held to a higher standard, their sentences should be 1 ½ times longer than a civilian who is found guilty of similar crimes. In the case of hate crimes, it shall be 2 times longer.

8.      Freedom from pollution—The National Clean Air and Water Act. All people have the right to breathe fresh air, and drink clean water. No corporation, government entity, group, or person has the right to pollute or control the resources which we all share and are vital to survival on this planet. The vital resources of this planet must be secured for this generation and for all future generations to ensure humanities survival.


9.      Free Health Care—There must be Free Health Care, universal to all, regardless of citizenship. The private model of for-profit health care is destroying the quality of care patients receive.[14] The monetary incentive currently driving Health care markets in the U.S. is chiefly responsible for the current medical paradigm which seeks to treat disease, not cure patients, or prevent the onset of disease in the first place. The privatized medical establishment in America has a vested interest in perpetually treating people for diseases and keeping patients sick until they die, as a means to prolong disease and maximize profit on prolonged and expensive treatments. Not curing patients, eradicating disease, or practicing preventative medicine, as should be the focus of all Health Care.

All medical care will be controlled by doctors and patients, to cut out the middle-man, and reduce costs. Government “Regulators,” backed by community sponsored “Watch Dogs,” must maintain a simple oversight to discourage abuse and discover fraud, but chiefly to ensure the rights of patients are not being violated. The State must pay directly for all medical procedures necessary for lifesaving, or to maintain quality of life, regardless of any identifying category a person may fit. Ideally, all people should be kept as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, with a focus on good diet, exercise, and ongoing education.


10.  Freedom from private banking institutions, and unjust taxation—Private institutions will no longer be allowed to control the currency of nations, print money, or loan at interest over 5%. Only Congress shall print money or collect and distribute tax revenues. All credit card companies and banks will have to change their business models, or risk being seized by the government, and re-apportioned to secure the money of their investors and account holders. It will henceforth be illegal for corporations, government entities, or private individuals, to “hide assets offshore,” to avoid the proper taxation of assets accrued within the country of origin.

Suggested TAX CODE (subject to debate):

All corporations should pay 15% tax on all profits.

All individuals should pay a tax between 2% and 12% of their total earnings for a given year, depending on income bracket. Any Person who makes over $15,000,000 ($15M) dollars a year should pay 12%.  $10M-$15M = 11%.  $5M-$10M = 10%.  $3M-$5M = 9%.  $1M-$3M = 8%.  $500,000-$1M = 7%.  $250,000-$500,000 = 6%.  $50,000-$250,000 = 5%.  $25,000-$50,000 = 4%. $5,000-$25,000 = 3%.  $5-$5,000 = 2%.  Per annum.

All taxes should go to the government coffers to be distributed by Congress, and used for social programs which benefit society, and individuals or groups performing a public good. There should be no more borrowing of private funds, at interest, to fund government programs. Only the Congress of the United States of America shall have the right and power to print money. The Federal Reserve Bank will no longer be a private institution, allowed to print money, or to borrow money from private institutions. All money shall be printed and used for the good of the people, not at the behest and control of privatized banking institutions.


11.  Freedom of the individual—Every individual's rights must be upheld to the same high standard. No person, group. or entity will be considered or favored over another. The same laws apply equally to all people regardless of station or status. 

Corporations will no longer be allowed to be considered "people." The Supreme Court ruling in “Citizen’s United,” must be overturned to regain our personal right to representation. Every individual’s personal liberty is infringed upon by "Corporate Personhood." Treating corporations like individual people destroys the fabric of citizenry, by denying individuals their voice in the democracy. (Corporations cannot breathe, cannot vote, and they don't need healthcare, food, or water, so they are not a person.) Corporate ability to "donate" to public officials and call it free speech, destroys the individual citizen's ability to use their voice to sway the political process. Corporate personhood destroys the very essence of what it means to be human. Corporations donating to campaigns for public office, or having any sway over politicians in office, should be considered bribery and/or blackmail, and punished appropriately under law.


12.  Freedom of Air, Water, and Land—Water and Air are to be considered Public Property, and are not allowed to be owned by individuals, corporations, or any other individual or entity. 

Land is to be shared and regulated to benefit the society. Private land ownership will be allowed, but the land cannot be used to the detriment of society. Land can be used for private use, as long as it complies with the laws and regulations that are instituted for the good of society, and humanity as a whole. Private, Corporate, or Governmental land use which infringes upon the rights of individuals as laid out in this document, will be illegal. In such cases, the property owner may amend their practices, or have their land seized for “public use.”

The land which was taken by force from Indigenous peoples, must be restored to them wherever possible. In the case of relocation, the costs associated with moving of people who have settled on indigenous lands, and the reimbursement for resettlement of indigenous peoples, should fall upon the state.

Indeed, “equality for all begins with the basic acceptance of the planet as a conscious living organism with all the rights here to for only accorded to humans, thus ensuring the safety and preservation of a living world.” – C G.


13.  Freedom for All People—All people will receive the rights and regulations set forth in this document, or their government shall be considered "criminal," by the courts of The United States of America. Their rulers and officials will be held accountable and removed from power, and the people shall elect their own political representation to replace unjust governments or entities. Any government which does not serve its people, fails in the one task for which all just governments are instituted. A government which will not, or cannot, serve its people, should not be allowed to stay in power and harm its own citizens, or the citizens of the world. 

[1] The underlined words have been changed from the original, to erase the classist, racist, words of the past, and more accurately reflect the world we would like to create. The old words have been crossed out.

[2] There is no place for discrimination of any kind in a modern, technologically advanced, society. (Indeed, all discrimination is a mark of fear and mental disease, which actually communicates ignorance, fear, and weakness, instead of the strength and superiority it pretends to project.)

[3] A 5-4 majority of the Supreme Court sided with Citizens United, ruling that corporations and other outside groups can spend unlimited money on elections.”

[4] This colonialist behavior goes back to the beginning of the English Crown, and William the Conqueror, circa 1060 A.D, at least. Some would say it goes back as far as Egyptian times or even further. However, our current system is based on the English model of aristocracy. Since the inception of the English Empire, laws have been written and enforced, which protect the property and personal rights of the upper-class, while denying or intentionally violating those same rights to the poorer classes. This arrangement has been quite effective at keeping the poorer classes down while catapulting business owners, corporate entities, royalty, and the “elites,” into a new level of wealth and power.

[5] No matter how protected they have been from investigation in the past, or previously exempt from prosecution and justice they were, due to national laws against the prosecution of the leaders of state and members of the judiciary, all people must answer for the crimes they commit against their fellow human beings.



[8] If any part of this doctrine is shown to be faulty at protecting the rights of individuals, let it be changed or amended and implemented in a way as to secure the rights of all individuals. Let it not be amended to further Corporate or governmental goals which would further put in debt, enslave, or hinder individuals’ freedoms and lives.

[9] It is important to note that human rights abuses are also occurring every day in Syria, Turkey, Iran, and other parts of the middle-east, China, North Korea, Russia, parts of Africa, and many other countries around the world.

[10] Hate speech, is speech that calls for the elimination, or eradication, or somehow otherwise violent death or removal of a person, group, or entity, because of any individual personal identifier. Speech that is critical of institutions, governments, corporations, or persons, but does not call for the extermination of, or hatred toward, a particular group or person, will not be considered hate speech, and will be allowed. Further, no government, institution, or corporation, may use this provision as an excuse against its dissolution, if it has been found guilty of violations against human or planetary rights. No government, entity, group, or person will be allowed to silence the justifiable claims of those who have been wronged by such entities. People must be allowed to demand the removal of corruption in all forms, governmental, corporate, or individual. Free speech will not be allowed to be censored. The censoring of free speech, by a person, group, corporate entity, or government, will be terms for its re-education, removal, or replacement by the national community. And just punishment including imprisonment and monetary damages, shall be paid to the aggrieved party in an amount equal to the life, liberty, or property that was affected, and in the case of egregious abuses by corporate or governmental actors, or when deemed appropriate in individual cases, an additional amount is to be paid in penalty to discourage future such offenses. This provision shall not be used by governments, corporations, groups, or individuals, to censor or stop the legitimate free speech of any person or group. Intentional, malicious, censoring of free speech, that is not hate speech, is a crime punishable by ten days in jail, for the first offense. With subsequent offenses, or cases that effect a greater number of people, to receive longer sentences. Punishment shall consist of community diversity education and training programs.

[11] The Supreme Court's action to decide in favor of corporate donations in the "Citizen's United" case, gave corporations unequal sway over the political process, so that corporate entities have such a loud voice, that it effectively silenced 95% of the population, who can't afford to give large sums of money to politicians or political interests.

[12] How is the school teacher, the engineer, the construction worker, or the civil servant supposed to have their grievances heard, or voice acknowledged by their government representative, if corporations have already given him or her millions of dollars, and called it "free speech?” That representative is not going to listen to someone with no money, when so much of the political process relies on gathering and spending enormous sums of money. 

[13] Multiple hand counts checked by more than two individuals for each ballot are the only way to ensure there is no corruption of the political process. Machines are too easy to “hack,” and can be programmed to favor a biased victory, undermining the transparency of the process.

[14] Only in a system which helps all people, regardless of nationality, insurance coverage, or money, can patient care be elevated to its rightful place at the zenith of treatment. A doctor’s only concern should be, what is the best possible treatment I can give this patient? How can I heal this person? Not how much will it cost? Who will pay to save this person? Human dignity is held aloft as the highest value, when you do not check someone's ID or insurance cards, before asking what's wrong, how can I help, and offer treatment; then all of humanity is elevated to new levels of compassion, kindness, and understanding.